WireWorld Luna 16/4 Speaker Cable

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Luna 16/4

Second only to the Orbit 16/4, the Luna 16/4 offers exceptional value for money. The Luna 16/4 is our most popular cable for mid-range home cinema systems.

UL CL3 & CSA FT4 approved for in-wall installation. 

This cable range received the prestigious innovations award for design excellence from CES in 2006.


"In audio terms, the Luna 16/4 combines impressive bass weight and taut percussive delivery with a pleasantly 'open' sonic charater."

AV Review, Nov ’08

“The chunky blue speaker cable delivers an ever-so-lean sound, but we thoroughly rate its exciting dynamics and swift delivery”Verdict: Lunar performance from a biwire cable firmly at ground-levelWhat Hi-Fi? SV, Oct ’06“Delivering a strong first impression, this compact cable sounds taut and focused with good depth and precise image control.

The overall score of 33 is very good for the price, so this cable is strongly recommended.”HIFICRITIC, April ’07


“A very good budget cable which equals any of its peers in midrange and treble and beats almost all in the bass.”Hi-Fi ChoiceApril ‘07


Conductor material:      Oxygen-free copper   
No. of conductors:4 (sungle or bi-wire)
Insulation:HD Polyethylene
Gauge:13awg - 2.5mm2
Cable design:DNA Helix™
Dimensions: Dia. 8mm

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