$ 299.00

The RP-1 Remote Control Processor is a powerful central controller that is designed for seamless integration with RTI's family of universal remote controls. Unlike simple IR-to-RF converters, the RP-1 stores all system commands and macros where they should be — within a central processor. The RP-1 is a single box solution, receiving RF trigger codes from RTI remotes via the integrated receiver. The RP-1 Remote Control Processor provides a truly reliable, cost-effective control processor in a small package. It can be combined with any RTI remote control to form a robust control system for almost any home A/V configuration. The RP-1 even comes equipped with a power sensing port to ensure that your system's operation is always reliable and predictable. NOTE: A 433MHz remote control must be used with this model of control processor. It is not compatible with the 2.4GHz Zigbee® enabled remote

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