Revel Ultima Voice2 Pedestal

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Step 1: Set the Ultima VoiceTM2 Loudspeaker upside down on a soft non-scratch surface.

Step 2: Remove the speaker
from its cradle by carefully
removing the tilt
adjustment knobs, felt washers, and metal washers.

Note: Keep the knobs and washers together as they’ll be re-used in Step 6.

Step 3: If the combination spikes/glides were installed on the cradle, remove the spikes, felt washers, and knurled locking rings. If the combination spikes/ glides were not installed, continue to Step 4.

Step 4: Remove the feet and screws from the cradle. Put them aside.

Step 5: Install the combination spikes/ glides with the felt washers and knurled locking rings to the bottom of the pedestal. Hand-tighten the spikes firmly, but do NOT over- tighten.

Note: If the combination spikes/glides were not previously installed on the cradle, the hardware will be with the loudspeaker hardware accessories.

Note: Refer to the Ultima VoiceTM2 Loudspeaker Owner’s Manual for further instructions on how to install the combination spikes/glides to the bottom of the pedestal.

Step 6: Use the four Phillips head screws located in the Pedestal accessories bag to install the cradle to the top of the pedestal. Tighten the screws firmly but do NOT over-tighten.

Step 7: Install the loudspeaker onto the cradle/ pedestal assembly. Insert each threaded tilt adjustment knob first through a metal washer and then through a felt washer before inserting it into one of the threaded inserts toward the rear of the loudspeaker.

Front & rear tilt
adjustment threaded inserts

Felt washer Metal washer

Lockdown knob

Step 8: Slide the loudspeaker in the cradle to adjust the tilt. When the loudspeaker has been appropriately positioned, firmly hand-tighten the tilt adjustment knobs to lock the loudspeaker in place. Do NOT over-tighten.

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