Revel Embrace Surround Speakers

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The diffuse and enveloping surround sound field of a commercial movie theater is the result of the combined output of many surround speakers placed at the sides and rear of the audience seating area. In the much smaller residential home theater space, it isn’t practical to use many surround speakers to replicate this effect. The Embrace surround speaker features a unique dual-dispersion capability, which provides for the first time the ability to completely envelop listeners with spacious and expansive home theater surround sound effects, while at the same time minimizing the effects of surround speaker localization.

On the other hand, multichannel music sources benefit from a more directional dispersion pattern, providing a more precise acoustical image for instruments and sounds directed at the listener via the surround channels. Typical surround speakers that are optimized for motion picture sound reproduction are usually only able to provide a diffuse dispersion pattern. The Embrace surround speaker features a second, more directional bi-polar dispersion mode that provides the increased directionality required by multichannel music sources. A remote control provision allows automatic switching between dispersion modes with select surround processors, and an enclosure mounted switch allows manual selection of either mode.


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