Polk Audio AM1825-A F/X Wireless Surround Sound (Black)

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The one of a kind F/X® Wireless Surround Speaker is a single compact system that creates a completely enveloping, realistic surround-sound performance without the rear speakers, wires and, most importantly, hassles. The F/X Wireless Surround works perfectly in any size room and fits unobtrusively into your décor on the floor, on or under a sofa-back table or on a wall shelf.

Key Features

  • A completely self-contained full range amplified surround-channel sound system.
  • State-of-the-art 2.4GHz transmitter sends the surround channels from your receiver to the F/X Wireless Surround’s onboard receiver for instant, lossless signal response.
  • Polk Audio’s patented Controlled Dispersion Array (CDA) technology delivers enveloping surround left, surround right and back surround staging for 5.1, 7.1 surround in any room environment.
  • Ported enclosure with dedicated woofer for unexpectedly big, full bass response.
  • Polk Digital Logic® and a 3-position DSP Controller enable you to place the F/X Wireless Surround in the most convenient place of your choosing - on the floor, table or on a wall shelf.

Take A Look Inside This Product

  • A completely self-contained wireless surround-channel sound system.
  • Four 2-1/2" Full-Range Drivers
  • 5-1/4" Woofer
  • Compact 120 Watt Multichannel DSP Amplifier.
  • Rock Solid Triple Enclosure Multi-Braced MDF Cabinet


Patent Pending Technology

Developed especially for the F/X Wireless Surround, Controlled Dispersion Array is comprised of two tightly grouped speaker arrays, in combination with phase and amplitude tapering, that produces a radiation pattern of narrow beams. CDA permits the F/X to project sound toward reflective surfaces to produce an immersive, spacious surround field, rich with spatial cues required for proper localization of surround sound effects.
Polk Digital Logic is a sophisticated processing algorithm that enables the F/X Wireless Surround to reproduce accurate and believable surround sound irrespective of your listening position relative to the speaker. This means you can place the F/X Wireless Surround on the floor, the table or up on a shelf, and at the push of a button give your ears the cues they need to locate the surround images in space.

Why You Should Consider This Product

If you want the complete home theater audio experience but can’t run the wires to the rear, or have been turned off by all the extra speakers, not to mention the hassle of setting them up just right, this is the speaker you’ve been waiting for. The F/X Wireless Surround will add room-filling, in-the-action thrills of stunning surround sound in minutes without any of the aggravation. Movies, gaming and TV all become bigger, richer viewing experiences from this compact, unobtrusive wireless solution.

Technical Specifications

Driver Complements
Mid/Woofer 1 - 5-1/4" Diameter (13.34cm) 
Dynamic Balance Woofer

4 - 2-1/2" Diameter (6.35cm)
Full Range Dynamic Balance Controlled Dispersion Array Drivers

Overall Frequency Response 48Hz-20kHz

Transmitter: Line Level and Speaker Level L/R Surround and L/R Surround Back

Cabinet Size 8-1/8" H x 19-11/2" W x 7-3/4" D
(20.64cm H x 49.53cm W x 19.68cm D)
Transmitter Size 1-1/2" H x 7" W x 3-13/32" D
(3.8cm H x 17.8cm W x 8.6cm D)
Mounting Options Floor, Table, Shelf
Radiation Pattern

Canotrolled Dispersion Array

Product Weight 18 lbs. (8.16kgs)
Speaker Warranty1 5 Years Parts and Labor (Original Purchaser)
Subwoofer Amplifier Warranty1 5 Years Electronics (Original Purchaser)
Accessories (comes with) Two Pair Male to Male RCA Cables
2.4 GHz Wireless Transmitter (1-1/2" H x 7" W x 3-13/32" D)

1To ensure a valid warranty, Polk loudspeakers must be purchased through an Authorized Polk Audio home or car loudspeaker Dealer (such as Amazon.com). (If you're not sure a dealer is "authorized," call Polk Audio at 1-800-377-7655, and ask us.) The warranty is not transferrable, that means it applies only to the original purchaser. If you purchase your speakers from a private individual, that product is considered "used" and has NO factory warranty, no matter what the seller implies. The warranty is VOID if the serial number of the speaker has been removed or defaced. If you have any questions about your warranty coverage, or you think you need service, call Polk Customer Service at 1-800-377-7655. We’re here to help you get the most from your new speakers!

In The Box

  • F/X Wireless Surround Loudspeaker
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • 2 RCA Line Level Cables
  • 4 Speaker Level Cables
  • Power Supply for Transmitter
  • Power Supply for Loudspeaker
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Online Registration Card

Use With These Products

Polk Audio makes several lines of bookshelf, floorstanding, in-wall & in-ceiling speakers that make an excellent front stage (left, center and right channels) which will work perfectly with the F/X Wireless Surround, among them are the RTiA Series, TSi Series, Blackstone® TL Series, and the SC Series.



Driver Complement

Diameter 2 1/2" (6.35cm) 
Type Full range Dynamic Balance Controlled Dispersion Array drivers 
Mid / Woofer
Diameter 5 1/4" (13.34cm) 
Type Dynamic Balance woofer 


Maximum SPL 0 dB
Total Frequency Response 48Hz-20kHz 
Efficiency 0 dB
Power Handling
Continuous 0 watts
Peak 0 watts
Radiation Pattern Controlled Dispersion Array 
Inputs Transmitter: Line Level and Speaker Level L/R Surround and L/R Surround Back 

Amplifier Specs

220V Availability No 
Continuous Average Output
Watts 120 
Amplifier Type Built-in Power 


Cabinet Dimensions
Height 8 1/8" (20.64cm) 
Width 19 1/2" (49.53cm) 
Depth 7 3/4" (19.68cm) 
Mounting Options Floor, table, shelf 
Product Weight (each) 18.00 pounds

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