Home Theater HTUPS 3700 PowerCenter™ with Battery Back-Up, Countdown Display and Green Power

$ 799.99 $ 999.99

Protect Your AV Equipment and Prevent the Loss of Home Theater Settings During Blackouts When a power outage occurs, important home theater settings can be lost, your DVR can miss scheduled recordings, media server files can become corrupted, and delicate projector bulbs can suffer damage. The Monster HTUPS 3700 uninterruptible power supply uses an internal battery to keep electricity flowing to important home theater components for up to 5 hours during an unexpected power blackout. This ensures that your DVR can record scheduled shows, home theater settings are preserved, and also prevents data corruption and costly projector bulb damage.
Exclusive Monster Countdown Technology The Monster HTUPS 3700 features a digital LED display that displays remaining battery power time in minutes. You can instantly see how much time you have left to safely shut down your system, or how much time you can keep your system running. When power to the HTUPS is cut, the LED screen automatically switches from displaying voltage to the Countdown timer, which will begin counting backwards to zero. The Countdown start time will vary depending on how much battery capacity you have, the initial battery charge level, and the power consumption of equipment connected to the UPS.
Keep Your Valuable Home Theater Equipment Safe From Dangerous Surges and Spikes with Advanced Monster T2™ and Tri-Mode® Power Protection Monster's exclusive T2 automatically disconnects the PowerCenter itself and your equipment from both live power lines (line and neutral), and reconnects ONLY when power levels are safe. Unlike other surge protectors, T2 will NOT sacrifice itself when a potentially damaging power overload hits, and keeps on protecting with no reduction in performance. For added protection against more powerful overloads, Monster Tri-Mode automatically disconnects your equipment and sounds an alarm.
Clean Power Filtering Rejects Interference to Maximize HD Performance Your home’s electricity is full of noise and interference caused by all of your appliances and electronics: cell phones, computers, even your lights, all contribute to the problem. This “dirty power” stresses the delicate digital circuitry inside HDTVs and other home theater equipment, reducing their performance and potentially shortening their lives. However, ordinary surge protectors can’t remove the effects of dirty power. The HTUPS 3700 features HD Clean PowerStage 3 filtering that is precision-engineered to remove electrical noise and interference. This protects the delicate circuitry inside your HDTV and other electronics from unnecessary wear. HD Clean Power maximizes your equipment’s lifespan and ensures the best possible picture and sound performance.
Automatic Voltage Regulation Provides Additional Safety Your home theater electronics are engineered to operate at 120 volts. But common power sags and swells can severely affect the performance and life of your valuable audio and video equipment. When this occurs, Monster automatic voltage regulation keeps the voltage going to your home theater within a safe range. This reduces wear on delicate circuitry, extending the life of your home theater components.
Monster GreenPower™ Outlet Management Stops Stand-by Energy Waste Monster GreenPower is a revolutionary new way to automatically eliminate energy waste and save money. Simply plug your HDTV or AV receiver into the Monster GreenPower Control outlet. When it’s turned off or goes to sleep,the Monster GreenPower outlets switch off, automatically eliminating energy wasted by your subwoofer, DVD player, and more, when you’re not using them. When your HDTV or AV receiver switches back on, the GreenPower outletsautomatically power up again.
Other Monsterous Features Add to Convenience and Functionality Front-panel USB ports are included for quick charging of cell phones, Mp3 players and more. An AC outlet is also positioned on the front panel for additional convenience. For comprehensive power protection, surge-protected coax, phone, and network connections are provided to guard against surges on cable TV, satellite, antenna, DVR, and Ethernet lines. The HTUPS 3700 is also PLC (power line communication) compatible for creating a high-speed network over existing home wiring. Ordinary surge protectors can block PLC, but the Monster HTUPS 3700 is engineered to allow full-speed PLC network communications. The HTUPS 3700 also has an RS232 communication port that allows control of the PowerCenter through industry-standard control systems.
Our Monsterous Guarantee We’re Monsterously confident about the HTUPS 3700's combination of backup battery power, advanced power protection, Clean Power filtering, and automatic voltage regulation. That's why we’ll replace up to $500,000 worth of your equipment if it’s damaged by power conditions. With Monster Power® on your side, you’ll have the extra peace of mind that your valuable home theater equipment is covered.

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