Focal Chorus 706 V (WENGÉ) - Pair

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Chorus 706 V is the epitome of a reference, compact bookshelf loudspeaker: a true Focal tradition. Superbly balanced and neutral, its accuracy and definition are ideal for rooms near 20m2 without a drop in perceived volume.

Sensitivity (db/w/m) 90
Finishes 3
Dimensions (hwd, cm) 39x22x29
Impedance (ohms) 8
Max power handling (watts) 120
Standmount Yes
Biwirable No
Floorstander No

Focal Chorus 706V Bookshelf Loudspeaker  The Epitome of a Reference-Level Compact Speaker: You Will Not Find a Better, More Neutral Bookshelf Model for the Price Polyglass Mid-Bass Driver, Inverted-Dome TNV Aluminum/Magnesium Tweeter Among Industry's Best A strikingly petite instrument in which every last detail serves the source material and produces a neutral response, controlled bass, stunning detail, and superb accuracy, the Focal Chorus 706V bookshelf speaker means you don't have to settle for less in the mini-monitor field. It encourages you to relive the fun, excitement, and sense of discovery you enjoyed when first encountering your favorite records by making them come alive in an engaging manner you've only dreamed about. Yes, the Chorus 706V is loaded with technological advancements-a 6.5-inch Polyglass mid-bass driver, a brand-new inverted-dome TNV aluminum/magnesium tweeter, and an innovative architectural design among them. But this speaker is all about reclining in a cozy chair, ignoring reality, and getting lost in the music. Your satisfaction is backed by Music Direct's money-back guarantee. No Expense Spared, No Outsourced Parts, No Outside Supplier Design, development, and manufacturing under one roof have many advantages. Namely, unsurpassed quality control, customized engineering principles, and continuous synergy. The approach also allows for breakthrough technologies initially employed in reference-standard models to trickle down. Conceived in the same French facility as Focal's world-renowned Utopia line, and subject to stringent refinement and oversight, the Chorus 706V harkens to a bygone era when companies spared no expense in perfecting wares. No outsourced parts or labor are employed in its manufacture; Focal needn't depend on an outside supplier. Such care is fantastically rare in the 21st century. From the individually tailored drivers to cabinet reinforcements, the 706V epitomizes value

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