Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 9700UB 1080p 3LCD Projector

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The Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 9700 UB will be the star performer in your home cinema — delivering movies, sports and videogames with remarkable color, stunning contrast and exceptionally sharp details. An impressive technology lineup produces images so realistic, you'll feel like your favorite actors, athletes and characters are right there with you. This stunning 1080p projector features an incredible contrast ratio up to 200,000:1, a D7 chip with C2Fine™ technology, and 3LCD, 3-chip technology. A built-in Silicon Optix HQV Reon-VX processor with a PW 390 video scaler ensures natural, smooth image quality, while a state-of-the-art Fujinon® lens with a 2.1x zoom ratio delivers stunning picture uniformity and positioning flexibility.


  • Deep, dark blacks; crystal-clear detail — 1080p D7 chip with C2Fine technology and a contrast ratio up to 200,000:1
  • Rich, vibrant color — 3LCD, 3-chip technology
  • Brilliant images, anytime, day or night — 1600 lumens of color brightness and 1600 lumens of white brightness (light output)1
  • Natural, smooth image quality — built-in Silicon Optix HQV Reon-VX processor
  • Widescreen format — new anamorphic scaling mode preserves original 2:40:1 aspect ratio and eliminates black bars (now usable with fixed or movable external anamorphic lens)1
  • Sharp, rich images — revolutionary Super-resolution technology enhances DVD, SD and HD content
  • Custom calibration — ISF certified with color space selection and color isolation tools
  • Stunning picture uniformity and positioning flexibility — state-of-the-art Fujinon lens with a 2.1x zoom ratio
  • Energy-efficient E-TORL lamp — 200 W lamp lasts up to 4000 hours1
  • Cutting-edge connectivity — two HDMI 1.3 ports for maximum flexibility
  • Ideal for fast-action movies, TV shows — advanced, high-speed auto iris function adjusts light output up to 60 times per second
  • Easy maintenance — convenient dust filtration system with large surface area for greater efficiency
  • Outstanding support — three-year limited warranty; next-business-day shipping service
1 See Specifications page for Notes.

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