Da-Lite Dual 97384 Masking Electrol Projection Screen - Cinemascope to HDTV Masking - 58 x 136" - (1:2.35 Aspect) to 58 x 104" - (16:9 Aspect) - Matte White HC (High Contrast)

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Includes: Da-Lite 98660 Infrared Remote and Receiver for Low Voltage Controlled Screens (120/220V, 50/60Hz)

includes: Da-Lite 78145 Dual Motor Low Voltage Control System


The Dalite Dual Masking Electrol Projection Screen is ideal for home theaters or where a variety of image formats are projected.

View from "Letterbox" to "NTSC" format or from "HDTV" to "NTSC" format with concealed-in-the-ceiling screen
Second motor lowers and raises black masks into position to convert screen to different format
Patented in-the-roller motor mounting system for quiet operation
Unique "step-back" masking design eliminates shadows
StyleDual Masking Electrol
Front/Rear ProjectionFront
FinishMatte White HC (High Contrast)
Tension ControlNone - (Tensioned Dual Format Masking Electrol screen available)
Keystone ControlNone
Overall SizeNot specified
Image Size58 x 136" or 58 x 104"
Diagonal148" or 119"
FormatCinemascope to HDTV
Aspect Ratio1:2.35 to 16:9
Masking OptionsCinemascope to HDTV
Voltage120v (optional 220 Volt (50Hz) motor available)
Integrated Control120 volt (60 Hz) 2.4 amp; three position control switch and a two position control switch in a box with cover plate
Control Options
  • Dual Motor Low Voltage Control System (D.M.C.) - 3 Button
  • Wireless Remote Control for D.M.C. System
  • Radio Frequency Remote
  • Infrared Remote
ColorBlack primer coat
MaterialFabric roller to be of rigid aluminum, 3-3/16" in diameter; Mask roller to be of rigid metal, 3" in diameter
LengthNot specified; Add 3" overall length of case for mounting brackets
Shipping Weight162lb (74kg) (approx)

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