Artison P-LRS/IW in-wall surround Speaker- Pair

$ 250.00 $ 800.00

LRS Surrounds

The LRS surround channel satellites use the same high quality components as the front channels and deliver the same level of high performance. Two tweeters are placed at ninety degrees to one another with the rear firing tweeter out of phase with the front tweeter and woofer. This substantially reduces the directional component of the sound, without eliminating the exciting three dimensional effects of being there. The cabinets are finished in black or white ABS that can be painted to match any décor. Wall brackets are in included with the system. The unique LRS-IW in wall surround has all of the performance of the surface mount LRS and the stealth of an in wall speaker. Unlike other in wall surrounds, the LRS-IW is a complete speaker cabinet mounted inside an In Wall Mount. It does not rely on the cavity created behind the baffle to control the performance of the system. The sound is consistent and fully independent of the environment. Our unique hybrid acoustic design is Monopole below 3 KHz where you want “Steering Ability” for action and reality scenes and Dipole above 3 KHz where you don’t want to be able to locate the source of the sound. This small, affordable, high performance surround can without doubt impress the most critical customer.

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