Anthony Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Micro Ti (5 Speaker Set)-Black Anthony Gallo Micro Floor Stands (Black)

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Includes: Five Speakers and Four Anthony Gallo Micro Floor Stands (Black)


Micro Ti is an all-new ‘Super’ Micro – which takes the great looks and flexibility of the original, and pairs them with an innovative high-end Titanium driver of tremendous quality.

Developed by Anthony to mimic the dynamics and transparency of the award-winning Reference 3, the Titanium driver is a state-of-the-art piece of engineering that represents a breakthrough in compact loudspeaker performance.

Naturally lightweight, extraordinarily strong and resilient, Titanium is ideal driver material – which is why it’s found in some of the highest performing audiophile speakers money can buy. This exceptional driver creates a wonderfully pure sound that’s simply the finest available from such a compact speaker.

Offering all of the original Micro’s placement options and ease of installation, filling your home with high quality sound has never been so accessible or discreet.

The Nucleus Micro Ti is available in a choice of Matt Black, Snow White or Stainless Steel finishes, and features a new acoustically transparent metal grille.

Gallo Micro Ti

The key to the performance of the Micro Ti and A’Diva Ti is our all-new, full-range 3” Titanium Driver.

The driver itself is made up of three key elements. First of all there’s the Titanium cone which is exceptionally rigid, but has a relatively low mass – a combination that is key to loudspeaker sensitivity. It’s also 75% stronger than the one found in the original Micro and A’Diva, and offers increased treble extension and power handling.

The cone itself is dampened with paper, the organic fibres of which smoothen response and provide a natural sound quality. They also physically dampen the driver to ensure that no spurious resonances are present.

Finally, the driver features a larger 1-inch voice coil powered by an extremely efficient oversized Neodymium magnet, significantly reducing distortion and increasing dynamic range.

This combination of materials gives us the best of all worlds; a highly sensitive, extremely robust and wonderfully pure sounding driver.

Frequency Response   

On Wall:100Hz to 22Khz  

On Stand:120Hz to 22Khz


Nominal Impedance:8 Ohms

Power Handling:
(Small Enclosure)> 120 watts

Height on Stand:36"

Drivers:3" Pure Titanium full range


Dimensions:4" Sphere



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